PDR Categories

Paintless Dent Removal systems

Enables an inexpensive repair of small dents.

Magnetic PDR systems

The Magnetic Dent removal system is an essential PDR training tool.

Adjustable PDR tools

Our multi adjustable dent removal allow to quickly change position.

Single PDR Tools

Enables an inexpensive repair of small dents.


Our new Electro-Magnetic Dent Removal System

PDR Lighting

Adjustable and flexible PDR lamps and light systems.


With the Glue pulling dent removal lifted/pulled using our spring loaded lifting tools.


PDR accessories can help make the dent removal process quicker & easier.

PDR tools from HBC system are tested and homologated by leading car manufacturers and PDR technicians. Our tools are carefully designed for the professional PDR technician. Each tool size and design fits a logical sequence of usability conditions. The HBC System PDR tool designs define the standard industry practices and conditions in the automotive industry by prioritizing the ergonomics and working ranges required by the dent technician. Available as individual tools or complete systems.

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