Mouldmaker Clear 50 cc

Part no. 20cl

50 cc transparent silicone-free structure copy gel

Transparent structure copy gel

Mouldmaker for Plastic, Leather, Vinyl and Caravan repair

Mouldmaker is silicone-free copy material, it is easy to apply on top of the non-damaged structured surface you want to copy. After two to five minutes, the mouldmaker is cured. Simply remove the hardened film and on the back you will have an original copy of the structure.

Excellent for copying structure on:
Caravan structured panels
Leather and vinyl dashboard
Structured hard plastic trim on cars


Type of Repairs
Surface copying


Number of Repairs (avg.)
2 – 10
Depending on repair size and type


Time of Repairs (avg.)
Ready to use in 5 minutes

Weight82 g
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