UV-A1 Spot Repair System

Part no. 19000

UV-A1 Spot repair system.

With this system you can make a spot repair from start till finish within 33 minuts including curing time.


Fast, clean, easy to use on aerosol or spraygun.

This package is the complete UV System.

  • 1K UV-A1 Clearcoat
  • 1K UV-A1 Thinner
  • 1K UV-A1 Filler
  • 1K UV-A1 Primer
  • 1K UV-A1 Ultraviolet Refinishing Lamp

The products can be supplied in both aerosol and spraygun. All the products dry with the UV lamp in only 3-4 minuts.

✓ Extremely fast curing times
✓ Improved efficiency / profitability
✓ Tried and tested system
✓ Usable on all types of materials
✓ Fewer preparation steps
✓ Less waste products

✓ Low material usage
✓ No mixing required
✓ Safe UVA curing
✓ No health and safety risks
✓ Supplied for spraygun / in aerosol
✓ Fast, clean, easy to use

Get the right color with one of our professional systems.

Why have a good finish if the color is wrong?
With our paint systems you are guaranteed the right color in an easy and fast way

Part no. 538
Part no. 534

Type of Repairs
Repair of painted panels / components e.g. paint chips, small scratches, bumper corners, mirror covers, chipped door edges, paint scratches, clear coat chips & scuffs.


Max. Size of Repairs

Hand size (A4)


Number of Repairs (avg.)

depending on damage size and condition


Time of Repairs (avg.)
30 min.
Depending on repair type & skill level

Weight20000 g


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